Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Danday Reviews: Space Invaders Extreme

Consoles: PSP, DS, Xbox 360
Age Rating: 3+
Publisher: Square Enix

Space Invaders. One of the best games from the golden ages of the 1970’s. And in 2008, it reached its 30th anniversary. So, as expected, a new game has been released.
Space Invaders Extreme, published by Square Enix, famous for the Final Fantasy series, is a completely massive change from the old concept, but keeps the simple rules the same. You’re a ship and you have to shoot aliens. However, you have no shields.
The soundtrack is OK, but it’s better to play Space Invaders with the classic ‘duh-duh-duh-duh’ music.
The remixed version on the main menu is pretty nice though, but it’s not used on the actual stages, which is disappointing.
The gameplay is classic, yet a bit easier, despite not having any shields. Instead, there are power ups.
If you shoot 4 red aliens in a row you get a bomb;
4 blues for a laser, 4 greens for a spread shot and 4 grey’s for a shield.
There are also the ships from the original. White ones give you points, red for points to. Blue ones fire a laser, yellow ones activate a roulette game and flashing ones activate a mini-game. Shoot a certain amount of ships or aliens to get a massive power-up.
The boss battles are OK. They are pretty hard though. You’ll need about 2 lives free to defeat each.
All in all, SIE is extremely addictive, and very fun. For the price you can find it for, it’s great. And it’s just been added to the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Score: 8.7/10

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